Enjoy a night in a sustainable, self-suficient Tiny House in the Picardy region from 65 euros a night...

...until the 24th of august, at the farm in a typical orchard of Pays de Bray.


           Welcome in Pays de Bray !

View from your Tiny !

Tiny by Bray, 

What is it?

The Tiny By Bray is a 24 m² mobile micro-home and can accommodate up to 6 inhabitants. Completely autonomous, in electricity thanks to solar panels it brings you all the comfort of your daily life in an a typical location of Picardy.

- A shower with view         on surounding hills
- a sink
- dry or chimicals toilets

The Tiny House is mobile and temporarily located in a cheese dairy, it will move to a new and original environment at the end of the year.

Enjoy a breathtaking view upon your environment thanks to full height bay! The terrace allows you to fully enjoy dusk light!

Two mezzanines on the first floor allows you to stay with friends or family, up to 4 people.


- 2 stoves

- a fridge

- a sink

Your tiny has wide widows to enjoy the show !


Tiny by Bray

it's also :


The fishing ponds of Bailleul sur Thérain



Of course, there are things to do in the countryside! The list we propose is only a tiny sample of it all....

Local products to taste

The team at the Orsimont cheese dairy will spoil you! 

Cheese, bread, fruit juice and many other local products, produced on site with care are available on demand.

Green acces garanted



Rent a bike at Beauvais train Station and follow the green avenue to reach your Tiny by Bray.

+ 33-6-15-01-00-34       clement.coussement@gmail.com
Adress of the Tiny:
6 voie communale du Grand Chemin (Orsimont), 60650, Villers-sur-Auchy
You booked for the farm location, give a call to Clément get further informations :